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Residual Happiness


owned & operated

It's true. You can easily buy mass produced, cheap soap at the grocery or drug store. And, if you've found the soap you absolutely love, we applaud your success! Keep buying it!


It's also true that you can buy all natural soaps, even beer soaps, from other manufacturers. We've tried some of these soaps and like many of them.


However, The Cask & Barrel soap is different. Our soap is homemade with our homebrew, so we chose every single ingredient. Also, our bar soap is lye (rather than glycerin) based - this not only means it is less drying for your skin, but it also is a fantastic cleaner! We've never seen a soap get rid of ink on hands or stains on clothes like our soap! The use of lye (from ash) was the original way to make soap. You can find more of this history online here.

Tricia & Jamie Gallant relocated from Canada to San Diego in 2000 and have established themselves as part of the San Diego beer scene (mainly from drinking good craft beer).


We love being able to drink local beer and wine - why drink anything else when San Diego county has some of the best availalbe!


We also love buying our homebrew supplies from George & Molly Thorton, owners of the The Homebrewer on El Cajon in North Park ( and learning about soap making from Summers Past Farms in Flinn Springs (


Take the time to check out both the Homebrewer and Summers Past Farms - you'll love them!

A 1968 Beaulieu Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon.


Donated to the John A. Majda M.D. Memorial Foundation by his lovely wife Virginia Leary-Majda.


Opened for a worthy cause and enjoyed by an appreciative few.


What was left was a bottle, usually discarded without a second thought. But this bottle was too special. It needed to be remembered.


And so began my project “Residual Happiness”.


By capturing the beer or wine bottle from a unique perspective, it is my hope is that people will come to appreciate the beautiful toil and craftsmanship that goes into every bottle of wine.


And they will remember good times spent creating memories with friends and loved ones.

locally owned
residual happiness
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