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When we moved from Canada to San Diego in 2000, we were beer and wine virgins. It didn't take us long to catch the bug! For us, it is all about experiencing good craft beer and locally produced wine with great friends and family. With a full wine fridge, a full beer fridge and lots of homebrew on tap, our home became known as "the cask and barrel". 


Our homebrew hobby and love of craft beer and wine led us to two new hobbies - James takes fantastic photos of the bottom of the bottle and Tricia brews up interesting soap recipes using our very own homebrew and spent grains and hops as exfoliants. The photos and soaps can be customized - give us your favorite bottle of wine or beer and Jamie will capture it forever for your memories. Give us your homebrew and spent grains and hops, and Tricia will design a soap just for you. Or, browse our existing photos and recipes for something you already love or a gift for somebody you already love!


you never know what you'll do after a few drinks....

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